Monday, September 1, 2008

CPU Toast

What happens when a lightening strikes your PC?

A powerful lightening struck my cable TV line,
the charge inturn blew a few chips off my PC rendering the PC useless.

Below are the after effects
AMD Athlon Processor with the Cooler & Fan Removed, see the Silcon wafer exposed

ICs from the Motherboard

The Culprit:
The cable was plugged into the TV Tuner card. which blew up the Tuner Card and the circuity around it.....

How do you prevent it?
#1 Just un-plug TV Cables / Modem connectors to PC when not in use.
#2 Avoid browsing/viewing Cable during heavy downpour

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Sourav said...

May your PC "Rest in Peace (RIP)" :-) ... get a new one soon.